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The Homeschooler Next Door

Welcome to Our Kitchen Table

Homeschoolers come from all walks of life.  They are doing all kinds of  things from staying at home growing their own wheat to traveling the globe in a boat with their children.  You probably have one in your neighborhood, even just next door. 

This show will be the kitchen table for Moms to talk about homeschooling.  There are celebrity Moms, author Moms, working Moms, single Moms, and teaching Dads who have taken charge of their children�s education by deciding to homeschool.  

So get your tea ready and join us as we talk about the homeschooling adventure

Do you have suggestions for guests or topics for the show?  Go to the Feedback Form to email us your ideas and questions for our guests.  We will read them on the air and have our guest answer your questions. 

On September 8th we re-launch our podcasts with an exciting roll call of guests.